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This post depicts how to determine if a drive is shared granting “everyone” permissions to read/write/delete files.
In 99% of cases, sharing the root of a server drive is not recommended. Please contact us today for a free* network review if you see any of your server’s hard drives shared as shown below.
* offer valid only for new K&R Network Solutions managed IT service clients.

Two new reports published by Forrester Research show a growing trend for businesses to outsource management of their IT infrastructure. When business owners and CTOs were asked why they were making the switch, they cited “wanting to focus on the core of their business”. This is a departure from previous years when citing “cost savings” […]

Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, or SMART Monitoring is used to predict when a computer hard drive is close to failing (aka you lose all your files). K&R Network Solutions uses this technology to monitor hard drive health on all agreement client computers. Recently our SMART monitoring systems began reporting a predictive failure on a client computer. As soon […]

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce quotes K&R Network Solutions  on some great ways to “Go Green” and save money with virtualized server solutions. Read the full article here.

K&R Network Solutions and AIS form a strategic partnership to deliver San Diego businesses colocated server infastructures and advanced cloud computing solutions. Click here for more information on AIS