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What Digital Footprints Do You Leave Behind?

Posted on | November 29, 2011 | No Comments

Over the course of your day, you create an electronic trail of your decisions, activities, and locations through computer and mobile phone usage. This “digital footprint” of your online encounters adds up to a revealing public record.

Controlling what information you leave behind can be complicated. Start with your mobile smartphone. A phone with wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G that is on all the time collects information about your current location and activities. Without privacy settings, this information can be used without your consent.

Visit and customize your location settings – it is usually best to turn off automatic usage of GPS and manually turn it on when you need to use it. Do you want your camera to tag each photo with the location and time? Some of your apps, such as Facebook, may have their own privacy and location settings that you can manage in their own settings.

On computers, try secure browsing with “https://” websites. Doing so means the connection is encrypted, so anyone with access to your network can’t see your browsing history or search requests.

For more information about digital footprints and your online privacy, visit the security section of CNET news.


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