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The Advantages of IP PBX for Your Business

Posted on | February 18, 2014 | Comments Off on The Advantages of IP PBX for Your Business

IP based phone systems provide a wide range of features and flexibility when compared to traditional systems. One benefit includes robust reporting for all aspects of your call management. If you are required to manage the sales or customer service department of your organization this type of system can deliver all the details you need. As an example, call queue statistics will tell you how many incoming/outgoing calls are occurring at your peak time of day. It is also very easy to report on your average call abandonment and track improvements as a result of staff’s training.

K&R can provide a desktop application that is intuitive to use for your complete staff. With a quick review, you will know everyone who is currently on the phone, who they are speaking with, and the length of time for the call. Advanced options like barge or call recording are only a click away.

IP PBX and the Multi-Location Advantage
One of the most powerful features of IP based phone systems is the ability to integrate across multiple locations. With the right technologies any growing number of locations have the flexibility to behave as a single connected organization. In addition to the many improvements this new technology can easily act as a single location and point of dispatch to your clients. Not only does this improve your level of customer service but it also allows your business to be agile in global changes to call schedules and staffing resources.

If your business is in the market for a new phone system, give us a call to discuss the options and benefits of all the available technologies.


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