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How Much Is Your Dead Hard Drive Worth?

Posted on | September 21, 2009 | No Comments

Written By: Stuart Crawford, Bulletproof Infotech
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Data loss can be very costly, particularly for organizations in the small and medium business community where the difference between survival and closure can rest on the ability to recover from a disaster. At the very least, critical data loss will have a financial impact on companies of all sizes:

Even The Best Hard Drives Die.  Do You Back Up?
Is your small business taking all steps neccessary to prevent a data disaster?

Businesses of all sizes are witnessing an explosion in the volume of data they hold. Whether it is the result of the Internet, email, or increasingly heavy and media-rich application software, there is a massive growth in the volume of data all around. Conservative estimates place data growth at approximately 80% per year. Data is increasingly being recognized as one of the real assets of a company, and losing this data would cause severe damage to any organization.

Does your small business have a plan to manage this explosion in data growth?

Data type Time to re-create 20 MB Cost
Sales and marketing 19 days $17,000
Accounting 21 days $19,000
Engineering 42 days $98,000
 The financial impact on a company is a combination of loss of business, low productivity, legal action, and the cost of re-creating data. A study showed that the cost of re-creating just 20 MB of data can be extensive!
Your best solution, is an external drive as a backup combined with K&R Data Protection.  You can have multiple drives, and it is much easier restore from a portable external drive, as opposed to CDs or DVDs.

K&R’s combination of onsite disk based backup and offsite services provides a complete backup and disaster avoidance solution for small business.  How much are you willing to spend to get all your data back when a low cost, hassle free backup solution from K&R Network Solutions is the right answer.



What is the cost to your business if one day you arrived a work to find you have lost all your information?

Please protect your business data. Call K&R Network Solutions today to sign up for data protection or learn more. 858-292-5766 or


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