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Google Apps in Los Angeles: A Closer Look

Google Apps in Los Angeles

RedEye turns your iPhone and iPod touch into bona fide universal remote (video)

By Darren Murph posted Dec 2nd 2009 2:27PM   Apple’s ‘Remote‘ application was a good start, but we’ve known for some time now that the platform was capable of far, far more. ThinkFlood is stepping up today and proving our assumptions right, as the RedEye universal remote control system effectively converts your iPhone or iPod touch into a […]

Top data center challenges include social networks, rising energy costs

Data growth will hit 650% over next half-decade, Gartner says By Jon Brodkin , Network World , 12/01/2009 Enterprise data needs will grow a staggering 650% over the next five years, and that’s just one of numerous challenges IT leaders have to start preparing for today, analysts said as the annual Gartner Data Center Conference kicked off in […]